Have you been spending a lot of your time looking for hair serums to help your hair grow, shine and much more?

Look no further as this blog post is going to cover some of the best hair serums in the market in 2022. Some of these help with reducing hair fall, some others are to improve the quality and texture of your hair. Hair serums are not cheap purchases, so that is where this blog post comes in to help you narrow down your choice amongst plenty of hair serums available in the market. I am personally using and loving one of these hair serums to help me deal with postpartum hair loss. Do spend some time looking into individual brand websites to find more information on the products.

Created for the women with hair loss, due to lack of sleep, stress and deficiencies, this serum is truly amazing. A holistic, well known serum to promote the sustainability and wellbeing of your hair.


A powerful treatment for your hair that prevents hair damage while keeping your existing tresses lustrous and vibrant. It is suitable for most hair types and textures. A perfect choice for damage, split ends also solving dry scalp issues along the way.


A weightless solution along with a styling serum, rich in antioxidants to protect your hair from damage and increase shine for days. Should be applied on clean, damp hair. As affordable as a hair serum can get, it is suitable for all hair types and addresses concerns such as shine and damage.


Divi is a lightweight, inclusive serum that is infused with a powerful blend of ingredients to create a detox like effect for your hair. It mainly supports the growth of thicker, fuller hair. We love this one!

Credit: DIVI

A super luxurious hair serum, it is formulated using a Japanese ingredient known as Tsubaki Oil, traveling from its ancient past. Used in plenty of salons worldwide, this blend will give you the ultimate hair sleek finish. With luminosity that has a glass-like shine.


If you are looking for a hair serum to stop your hair from falling, look no further. This serum does come with a hefty price tag, but it is absolutely worth it, in all leaps and bound. Using top notch ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5, that promotes the resiliency of the hair. Improves splitting hair as well and suitable for most hair types.


Tell us in the comments, which one is your favorite?

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