Skincare is a growing market, and by each passing day the focus is shifting from makeup to skincare. For good skincare, serums become an essential element and there are plenty of them available online. Serums that are oil-based often carry a glow like aesthetic with it. There are plenty of new skincare brands that are growing in huge numbers in 2022. This blog is going to feature some of the best serums you can try out as a beginner!

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From the founder Diipa Khosla, this brand is making news with their very recent launch in India. This serum is composed of a 15% vitamin c serum infused with a few Ayurvedic ingredients, making it a wholesome try. Affordable and effective, this is a serum to keep on your shopping sight!


From the founder Emily Weiss, this FutureGlow serum is one of my favorite serums. I have been using it for the last 2 years and the product does exactly what it is set out to achieve, a flawless glow. I love how the serum is not tinted, giving you the kind of glow you would have only after some intense exercise…


SK-II is a Japanese born label since the 1980’s, and is one of the best known skincare brands in the world. It does come with a hefty price tag, so I would suggest trying sample sizes before you make the big choice. Skincare is an investment and this is one to put your money on.

Photo Credit: SK-II

Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum is designed to restore the natural radiance and repair the skin. The serum forms a layer over the skin restoring a long term glow over time. It is an investment for the long-term!

Photo Credit: SUPEREGG

A brand well-known for a while in the market making many different products for radiant and great skin, Ole Henriksen is a great choice. This particular serum is a glow, anti aging formula which comes at an affordable price tag and which is why we love it!

Tell us which serum was your favorite?

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