Winter is here, literally! As we enter the month of December, it calls for cozy and fuzzy sweaters that prioritize comfort over anything else. That being said, sweaters come in so many shapes, forms and sizes and it can be hard to find color and interest in them.

However, this blog post is going to feature some bright and bold picks for this winter. These choices are all affordable and below $50, so get scrolling!

This Argyle printed cardigan is a beautiful choice for someone adventurous, and willing to explore with patterns. I would love to see how this would look with khaki and off white boots!

CIDER Argyle Sweater $42

On number two, is a style that is similar with fringes on a cardigan. Knitwear can be very expensive, so finding something like this is rare. I love how the three colors blend in together and it would look beyond amazing with a mint blue dress!

Credit: CIDER Nature Print Fringe Coat $38

Like the name could suggest, cats are literally all over. Find that you are a cat lover? then this has got to be the best option for you. Jump in and get this sweater today!

Credit: CIDER Cats All Over $32

Want something even more adventurous? this is a color block split sweater that fits all the ticks for out of the box. It is great to see how it is paired up with a hot pink sweater and I think that is a great way to do it. You can even choose to go monochrome with white, and have this to add in a pop!

Credit: CIDER Lava Lamp Split Mulitcolor sweater $28

The colors just balance out here in a bright and bold way with an animal print. This sweater is surely going to grab all eye balls when you wear it with a white skirt or trouser. If you are looking for a fine balance between chic and trendy, this is for you!

Credit: CIDER Orange Leopard Print Sweater $32

Talk about cute? this ticks all my boxes for hypnotizing. Pair this up with simple accessories and some khaki tones and you are all set to hit the road with this eye-catching sweater!

Credit: CIDER Heart Wave Sweater $38

This one is not just cute, but also very novel and chic. Fringes are everywhere these days, right from dresses to skirts and much more. You rarely get to find them in sweaters this trendy!

Credit: CIDER Fringe Patchy Sweater $32

This sweater is just the right hit between cute and super cute with it’s beautiful and delicate color scheme. It definitely brings about a soft and intricate aesthetic!

Credit: CIDER Pink Flower Pattern Cardigan $32

Lastly but not the least, if you are feeling oranges, this sweater is for you. A great mix of cyan blue and a bright and bold orange, this is the perfect choice for a cosy and cute winter ahead of you!

Credit: CIDER Orange Pattern Sweater $32

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x