Most women enjoy some nice fragrances, but choosing which one can be a tough decision sometimes. There are so many different textures with smell that make it complex and also an element of personal taste. Some fragrances are floral, whereas some others carry a woody finish. That being said, there are some fragrances that are safe bets to choose from when you are considering gifting it to someone. Here’s a quick list of some top choices to go for.


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Narcisco Rodriguez $40

This is a perfect choice for those looking for a musky perfume. It is compact, and has an unforgettable fragrance. It leaves a timeless trail!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Chanel $147

For any Chanel women, this is a blend of delicacy with floral undertones, making it soft and feminine as most others!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Gucci $39

As the name suggests, this Gucci Flora reminds you of being in a floral garden at full bloom. A perfect choice for a women who loves her fruity florals!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Hermes $55

Unforgettable and unprecedented, this is a bold citrus burst in a perfume. For those looking for a fruity fragrance to push it over the edge, this will not fail you!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Marc Jacobs $99

A slightly unconventional fragrance keeping floral on the top of the list, this opens up fresh essences of daffodils. Also a good blend of almond adds to it makes it all the desirable!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Versace $35

Versace, never fails and that is especially true for this blended pack that I am so excited to buy. A blend of fresh and vibrant put together to create the ultimate fragrance wishlist!


Photo Credit: SEPHORA Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet and Lip Glow Gift Set $98

Last but not the least, this Dior set is floral as it gets with that huge dash of luxury. I love how hydrating and beautiful this blend is!

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