One of the biggest autumn staples to invest in is a good sweater. The advantage is there are tons of options to choose from and it nearly feels unlimited. There are a few options to explore when it comes to sweaters, be it colour block, turtlenecks, or v neck sweaters. Whatever be your choice, make sure that it falls in line with your personal style. I have put together this blog post with a lot of these beautiful options for this fall and autumn. Some of these websites are American, and some others Indian. I love the collection on the india website Ajio, because of having stylish options, at affordable prices. It’s time to get scrolling!

The first choice is this really nice zigzag colour block sweater, which also happens to be a turtleneck. Stylish keeping it simple with the accessories and emphasizing on a nice bag and a pair of boots.

Photo Credit: Laura Katherine Colorblock sweater $41

This marks and spencer sweater, uses a really nice colour for this year and season, sticking to the nice olive green. I love how it is a colour block sweater, that can be worn in innumerable ways.

Photo Credit: Marks and Spencers Sweater $50

Slightly price on the higher end, but nap lounge wear is an upcoming label that has been producing really great garments. Whether it is loungewear, or just a nice cardigan, you can find it all. If this is your style statement go for it!

Photo Credit: Nap Lounge Wear $98

I have made a lot of blog post talking about shein and it’s amazing collection with sweaters, and all sorts of clothing. Even if this sweater doesn’t fit your vibe, just log onto the website and take a look at all their amazing options!

Grid Print Mock Neck Vented Sweater
Photo Credit: SHEIN $22

I am a fan of sweaters, dead bring out a nice pop of colour. This sweater is really nice blend between white, lemon yellow, mustard yellow. When you have a sweater so pretty, you can use it as the main and highlighting element of your outfit.

Photo Credit: Venus Colorblock Sweater

Another day, another sweater, this is a really great choice for anyone looking for a classic white sweater to wear every single day. It is not that often that you come across a really nice white sweater that fits you well, and is beautiful.

j.crew: relaxed-fit cable-knit crewneck sweater for women, right side, view zoomed
Photo Credit: J Crew $87.99

This is a really nice sweater, from J Crew website that features tons of different sweaters to choose from. At this time in the year, you just want to take a look at these luxurious options and choose your pick!

factory: button jacquard pullover sweater for women, right side, view zoomed
Photo Credit: J CREW $62.50

for those of you who like some tassels and embellishments on your sweaters take a look at Dia & Co. to find out such sweaters. They have a collection of really charming and elegant sweaters that look chic!

Front of plus size  by Belle be Belledini
Photo Credit: Dia & Co. $59

One of the most popular Indian e-commerce platforms, Ajio is booming in India. The reason why I love this website is being able to find beautiful clothing at affordable prices. If you want to find such sweaters log on to their website for more!

Photo Credit: AJIO INR 50

Another choice from Ajio, is this beautiful blue turtleneck sweater, need to create a really chic look. I love the many ways in which you can accessorise the sweater to stand out this autumn and winter.

Photo Credit: AJIO INR 735

Another delicate colour block sweater, this is a really great choice for those of you looking for something in these lines. Make sure to always choose a sweater that suits your body type!

Photo Credit: AJIO INR 799

Simple yet classic, this is a really nice sweater using three simple colors to help you create the best autumn aesthetic. To find more of these pretty choices log on to Ajio!

Photo Credit: AJIO INR 384

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