If you are someone who stays regularly in touch with the fashion industry or follow a certain celebrity, you would have seen satin being worn as dresses, skirts, coats and much more. Satin seems great for good weather, and I wouldn’t quite imagine wearing it on a hot day. However, since we are approaching fall, it gives us plenty of opportunities to wear satin. This post is going to be all about fashion inspiration with this new trend.. keep scrolling!

Pair up a satin dress, with your favorite sneakers and you are all set to accomplish this look. I love how the colors compliment each other and you can replicate the same, no matter what color your satin slip dress is. You can also do the same with the help of a blazer instead!

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Printed satin dresses have gained popularity, and I have been seeing them on women from all around the world whenever I transit through airports. They are comfy, beautiful and certainly affordable. Keep it simple with your accessories and feel free to layer these clothes with minimalistic add on’s.

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Puffy sleeve and smock dresses are literally everywhere, but have you tried exploring with a satin smock dress for a change? Check out this dress, that accentuates the tiered look and it is something I cannot stop staring at!

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Satin slip dresses can also be sensuous, and this is how to do it right. Pair it with your best heeled sandals, diamond earrings and a nice handbag for a fancy date night. Once worn as probably a night dress, satin slip dresses are now “fashion appropriate”

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The easiest and most uncomplicated way to wear satin is investing in a good satin blouse. It is an investment piece and can be worn all around the year. That makes it an extremely versatile piece you can wear to a work meeting or for a brunch with your friends!

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Satin skirts are pretty, and if you feel confident in exposing your midriff, this combination is for you. Choose your neutral crop top, or even your old saree blouse and find a way to wear it with a satin skirt. Keep it simple with your accessories. Remember, sunglasses, handbags and shoes are your best friends!

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Co-ordinate sets are in for a while, but in satin, it makes it all the more desirable. The satin co-ord set gives me a sense of lush fabrics with a form fitting appearance. I can totally imagine wearing it on my next tropical vacation dinner…I need that!

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A co-ord set again, but a different kind that you can wear to run your errands. Very close to a lounge wear appeal, this is perfect if you are looking for a casual set that you can wear everyday!

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Fall is nearly in, and sweaters and skirts are stylish. This one is a really simple outfit to put together, just make sure to plan the right shades together. And of course, do not forget the chunky sneakers!

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Sorbet and pastel tones are on my personal favorites list. This is similar to the previous style, but I added it onto the list because of how well the colors have been mixed to style it into a color block style. I love bold accessories have been used to accentuate it!

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