It was an impromptu trip that me and my husband had planned to Yellowstone National Park, and I have to say it was worth it. Yellowstone is a beautiful destination in the US, to spot grizzly bears, wolves, wild bison and much more. I had my eyes open all throughout and was not able to spot the bears which I really wanted to spot. Needless to say, look at this view of the Grand Teton Range!

At the park, as soon as we entered we were handed over an information booklet, and if you plan to go, do read this well. It has a great map with all the places to see, and information regarding shops, accommodation and much more. There is a specified area for accommodation in the park, and there are 5-7 different hotel choices to pick from. Once we checked in, we got out to check out geysers, hot springs and view points that were stunning. Geysers were a completely new experience for me, so I kept reading more about it as an when we saw them. Out of the unforgettable and bucket list experiences in the park were: Grand Prismatic Springs, Old Faithful, Mammoth Springs, Lamar Valley, and the 1920’s hotel lodge we were staying at. So without any further adieu, I want to share the best photos from the trip, and I will share a description about it too.

Starting off with these set of photos I ended up clicking at different spots in Yellowstone all around the geyser. It was beautiful to catch these bacteria mats in so many different ways. The beauty of earth, never stops amazing me!

This below is the Grand Prismatic Springs, and to get this view, me and my husband hiked up 30 minutes and hey, it was totally worth it. It is from this view that you can see the complete spectrum of the Prismatic Spring. Looking at it close up is beautiful, as well as from this distant view.

This is how it looked close up, with it’s different layers, colors and gas fumes from the hot surface. It was the feeling of being in a parallel universe. I shot all these photos on my Iphone, I think it turned out so well, don’t you think?

Just being artsy, working on a photograph with my shadow in it and this beautiful hot spring!

This was one of the most tranquil sunrises I have ever seen, and the 5am wake up call was completely worth it. This one is at Yellowstone Lake, and we drove up to a spot where I caught this beautiful photo!

You find these geysers fuming up in so many parts of the park. You could casually be parking your car next to one of these and this is your view.

This is the way the beautiful canyon of Yellowstone looks like, and now I know why they call it “Yellowstone”. The waterfall was at a distance, but looked like it had magnificent power.

Had to stop on multiple spots to find this beautiful, quiet view of the Teton Range, which was 2 hours south of Yellowstone National Park. I loved the way it looked, however the day was hazy and I wish it had clearer weather to view it’s details.

At every spot of Yellowstone, these geysers look simply spectacular and I loved standing here and just staring right into it. It is surprisingly quiet while looking at it, but I can only imagine the amount of volatile activity beneath its surface!

We got unlucky with bears and wolves, but extremely lucky with Bison. They were lesser than a meter away as we watched, and it was an experience of a kind. The other photos on this set are some pretty photos I clicked while zooming through the deforested areas of the park.

One of the spectacular highlights, was the Old Faithful Lodge, built in the 1920’s. It is built out of wood: 100%, and it blew my mind as an architect. I just had to explore every inch of it and I couldn’t stop admiring it. I would love to go back in winter and enjoy the feeling of staying in this wooden lodge with a warm fireplace.

And lastly, adding in a bunch of artistic photos of every other beautiful moment from my visit to Yellowstone. I would say it was a unforgettable trip with the one I love with most!

And a last additional credit to my husband, who clicked this picture of me with the background of the stunning Teton range!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x