It is about time we have a new movement in fashion, integrating sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Making wise choices with garments and moving against the fast fashion movement, is going to transform the industry as a whole. This would not just impact the industry that it is concerned with, but the environment as a whole. This is why it is imperative to integrate sustainable practices wherever we can, and if we cannot, the second best is to support brands who are. Supporting in many ways, means encouraging brands to create clothing that has a transparent supply chain. These brands are amazing in every way, and I hope you can start shopping with them at the soonest!

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Everlane was the first few sustainable brands I heard of and they strive to use sustainable materials and ethical practises from farm to factory. They spend a lot of their resources in learning about fabric innovations and bring them to the market. They place sustainability, durability and quality over anything else. Lastly, my favorite feature is how clear they are about their supply chain as there are very few brands that are so transparent.

The Pleated Chino - Everlane
Photo Credits/Source: The Pleated Chino

One of the best brands that speak the language of sustainability is Patagonia. It has been one of the most successful players in the market due to this reason. All products from the company reflect its high quality and sustainable practises. It also offers so many stylish pieces of clothing that you can choose from yet being 100% sustainable. If you haven’t explored this brand yet, now is the time to!

Photo Credt/Source: Parkha Jacket

Pact focuses on great materials, and making soft clothing that makes you feel like you were wearing baby clothing. Socially conscious in every way, this brand goes out of the way to keep an ethical supply chain right from the use of organic cotton to finally creating the garment. They use non-GMO cotton, sustainable and great for the brands progress and for all the consumers.

Photo Credit/Source: Pact Chambray Sunday Pant

Able is a brand where they believe creating opportunities for people with working in a safe environment is what could change poverty. They empower women to create these beautiful and well crafted pieces. Each person on their team has had transformational experiences and been gifted with a new life and new opportunities with working for Able. Go check out their latest arrivals!

Photo Credit/Source: Gwen Knot Front Dress on Able

The brand creates clothing which is high in quality and has a nice range to choose from. It has high standards and each garment is wonderfully crafted with sustainability at its core. The company also works with independent garment manufacturers to reduce the damage to the environment.

Women's Midi Dress | Nova Midi Dress Flame
Photo Credit/Source: Nova Midi Dress on Tradlands

Outerknown is wel-known for sustainability-forward practises and this brand follows all practices to continue conscious ways of creating garments. The company also works with ways to improve the issues with unfair wages and the website is user-friendly. The dresses on outerknown are absolutely beautiful, and I would recommend them!

Photo Credit/Source: Canyon Dress on Outerknown

When it comes to loungewear or cozy wear, this brand is a 100% conscious of the environmental footprint and impression it casts on the environment. Brands like this engage and encourage other people and businesses to be this aware. I love the feature on the brands website where they post small displays about the environment and how negative practises impact this. Go check it out!

Image of product: French Terry Crop Hoodie
Photo Credit/Source: French Terry Crop Hoodies on Tentree

If you want stylish and sustainable clothing and you are on the lookout, look no further. Kotn has been an extremely influential brand being able to create better lives and a positive impact in Egypt. The materials are all organic and the practises are sustainable. Go check it out!

Photo Credits/Source: Terry Half Zip Hoodie Kotn

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