For those of you readers in India, missing Shein and unable to find the perfect replacement to it, this is a list of websites that sell similar, affordable clothing in India. Shein was perfect because it has the perfect combination of price point, variety and stylish pieces that would otherwise cost you a fortune. Many of these websites aren’t exactly identical to Shein, but it does have the kind of clothes I know you are looking for!


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Statement Pieces, Stylish, and Affordable is what it is for starters, you can find great pieces for your all your outdoor events. It’s on my first few choices for an alternative for Shein.

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If oversized is your style, and you enjoy loose fits and transitional pieces, try this amazing website to find it all. I love how minimalistic most pieces are, and even though the price is slightly higher than shein, it has got exactly what you need with great quality perks!

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Even though the shopping experience may be through their official instagram page, Ombrello has beautiful pieces which are timeless. They create more such embellished pieces perfect for a night out!

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Beautiful dresses on prose stories, you can find this gorgeous piece on their new arrivals. I love brands that create dresses for all body profiles, with different cuts and beautiful styles. The information about each piece is added with each and every piece on their website making it easy to understand the workings behind the each outfit.

Florence set in Lemon Yellow

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For the modern Indian woman, this is a perfect destination for those looking to find beautiful co-ord pieces, dresses and tops. The range is decent, and the prices could be compared to shein premium prices. Happi Space is truly a happy space to shop from!

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Picked out this glamorous piece from Essgee, as good as the best dress on Shein or Zara, it is a perfect alternative for those who put investment pieces over casual purchases. This piece is on the higher end of what is on their website, but it is a great place to shop for statement pieces, embellishments and designer cuts!

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Lavender has been a recent trend, and this co-ord set is a mixture of style and quality. This beautiful co-ord made of 100% cotton, button closures, and paired up with baggy pants with ruffles is the perfect choice for today’s millennial. Try out many more choices available on their website!

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Chic and exaggerated, each kind of sleeve or stylish dress you are looking for. is available on this website. I love how each piece is so feminine, embellished and carries so many qualities of design. This is one of the best picks for you to choose your next statement outfit from.

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A professional website, with a lovely collection of dresses designed for each occasion. I would recommend choosing your casual picks from this website. It is affordable, and the quality is up to mark. It is not a mirror image of shein, but it does offer a similar price point.

A pi

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I have the same piece and I have to say, I love the quality it offers. The website features a mix between some festive clothing as well. as modern contemporary picks. You can choose their dresses with unique cuts, or blouses with exaggerated sleeves, it is all amazing!

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Said in simple terms, this is one of the most affordable platforms in India, and the price point is great, however, I do give it extra points for variety as well. On ajio.com the product range is vast, and you will find a big range of options, however you should spend sufficient time in order to find the perfect outfit.

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Ambraee by Palak Agarwal is an offbeat brand, from where you can find affordable dresses, similar to those on shein.com. This does not have the super large load of clothes, but has a few beautiful one’s! Check it out!


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If you are looking for something just like shein.com and half its price, this is your go-to destination. It is highly affordable and I would definitely say few of their pieces are a must-have!

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A hidden gem this one, it is affordability and style all in one place. On this website, I would recommend buying a few key pieces whether that is a chic blouse or dress. Explore and spend your time on this website to find hidden gems!

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The Label Life is a place where you can find all sorts of clothes and a huge variety that falls under the shein price range. Founded by sussane, bipasha and malaika, three bollywood celebrities, this makes it a perfect destination for those looking for pieces that make the cut!

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