Crochet dresses are the epitome of craftsmanship and fine artistic expression. I have grown up loving this kind of art since my mother used to create so many beautiful pieces starting from dresses to carpets. Even though crochet has been around for the longest time, I came across some new age crochet dresses that are absolutely fantastic. These clothes are designed and handcrafted from some of the world’s finest brands as well as smaller businesses.

You may have refrained from buying crochet in the past because of it’s beachwear kind of appeal. But modern fashion design never fails to impress with new innovations with crochet designs. These dresses are those you can wear far beyond the beach and take clothing from the sea to the city. Collections featured on Fashion Weeks all around the world are the best places to get a glimpse of these stunning pieces!

Down below are some absolutely stunning handcrafted pieces that will make you want to gift yourself right today…

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I love how beautiful this piece looks with this beautiful kimono crochet coat. I haven’t seen a piece created with such delicacy before…

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Something about this dress makes me want to wear it to the beach, city, home and basically any occasion I can wear it to. It’s easy, breezy and has such a nice flow to it!

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A sleek crochet design and a hemline filled with embroidery unlike the rest of the fishnet dress. Accessorizing this dress with a dab of gold would look absolutely breath taking!

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Something I could totally imagine wearing in most cities in the world, this is such a versatile crochet piece for all those looking for something stylish, yet practical!

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A loose fishnet dress but studded with such a plethora of multi-color threads to create this dress. I could think of many places and occasions to wear this one!

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Co-ordinate sets of all sorts have been trending and are an absolute sensation for so many to try on. I love the use of exclusive patterns on this co-ordinat set making it so perfect for your next vacay to Mykonos!

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This one almost looks like color block on crochet. Like the last few dresses this one is a practical choice and can be worn to so many different ocassions.

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A crochet look for those looking for some edge, this one is an absolute delight if you want to try on something new.

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This dress is definitely most suited for the day on the beach, when you are in the mood to stroll…

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The choice of color has such an important role in designing dresses and the best part of this dress, no doubt is the color…

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Fine and rich, this one almost feels raw and delicate in the way it has been weaved all the way down to the hemline!

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Colorful, just the way I love it, this is a perfect crochet dress to lift up your mood with all these hues!

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WOW! This simply takes all the attention! My beach side is a great website to look at some of these gorgeous crochet pieces.

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The outfit is beautiful, but the way it has been styled looks absolutely stunning especially with those shoes…

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This all white look, is one of my favorites and is a dress I can picture wearing in many settings in city-life. Delicate, artistic and charming, this one speaks classy!

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