This blog is a special product review of the Living Proof Dry Volume Blast Spray for instant and lasting volume with texture for those tresses. I had been struggling with oily hair over the last few months and had been shuffling between using some dry hair shampoo’s but that was not making a significant difference in the way my hair looked or felt. This called for some change, and I started to look up some dry hair shampoo’s that may help. But, I did not find any that catered so well to oily hair.

Then I came across Living Proof, a brand that focuses on developing products for the hair, starting from shampoo’s, conditioners, dry hair shampoo’s and a host of products you may have not heard of before. This product is defined as

A styling spray that creates instant volume and texture that’s almost as light as air for big, lasting results on dry haiR

-living proof

When it comes to the description of the product, these are the exact specifications by the brand about what the product is designed to do. For me the key is this product being paraben free, save for chemically treated hair and vegan. But above all I was suffering from oily hair and I was really looking for a solution to get this solved, but I was not able to arrive at a certain product that would help.

This product does exactly what it is specified and within a few days of using this, my hair started to get rid of all that excess oil. My hair started to restore itself as for what it was before having these oily hair problems. I was so relieved because I had been using a bunch of different shampoos that will cater to solving problems related to greasy hair, but nothing really helped. I started to wonder what will and I then stumbled upon the living proof website and went through a bunch of their products.

I thought I would give this a try as I have nothing to lose and I wanted to see how I could get this instant results, more than the volume it was about solving the greasy hair problem.

Photo Credit: Living Proof

The Appearance of the bottle is delightful, I went ahead and bought the biggest ML that they have to offer as I really wanted to get down to the base of my greasy hair problem. Within four or five days of using this product I completely got rid of my only here and I was super impressed with this. This makes me want to go ahead and buy the shampoo and conditioner as well and do another product review where I can share how good the combination of these three products are.

Photo Credit: LIVING PROOF

I also want to talk about the science behind which this while voluminizing and texturizing spray works wonders. Here below you can see what the website has shared about the way this works with your hair, and also a photograph showing a before and after. Product reviews by real people using real products are important for the end consumer to make a good decision. A lot of the brands out there post before and after photos, but not many of them are realistic and the real product would not give results specified.

But to my surprise I think this product has fulfilled what it said it is designed to do. I would really recommend this product for a woman who want to have a more voluminizing look with their hair as well as getting rid of greasy hair. It’s also for those women who have relatively flat here and want to give it a little bit of a pump.

So my final review is going to be:

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x