Buying beautiful clothes and wearing them is one thing, maintaining them in that state is another. With clothes, comes taking care of them to keep them in their best shape if it involves ironing, hanging them neatly or dry cleaning. However there is another element to this mix, and that is static electricity. If you live in a place where you have to experience consistent dry weather, along comes this phenomenon. So, I’m no stranger dealing with this since living in Mexico City meant my skin, had it’s fair-share getting used to the dry weather. Static electricity on your clothes and hair can be really annoying at times, especially when you are a few minutes away from leaving home and feeling frizzy. No one wants to deal with that clingy and fizzy feeling that just won’t stop!

But the good news is that there are many ways to get rid of this static electricity, and some of these have been solutions I have found over the years. And I wanted to share these tips so it can make your life a whole lot easier!

One of the ways to completely get rid of static electricity like it were magic, is to apply a moisturizer or lotion to your skin. This was one of the first ways I discovered how to get rid of it before I googled my way through it. Static electricity needs a dry environment, so adding in moisture will avoid the clinging. Another expert tip, is to wait for a a minute or two after you apply the moisturizer to wear your clothes again. Reason being, some materials such as satin and silk could get stained with the moisturizer easily.

The second tip, and the most obvious ways to get rid of static electricity is using dryer sheets, Dryer sheets work very efficiently by reducing static electricity, and keeping your clothes devoid of it. The best part about dryer sheets is they combat, neutralize the built-up static in nearly all types of fabric. This however needs to be used while you put your clothes in the dryer. If you do not use a dryer, air drying your clothes is better since it naturally gets rid of most of the static.

The third tip is to use the science behind static electricity to your advantage, and here is how. By running the wire hanger metal over the garment, it attracts all the static electricity and makes it as minimal as possible. This is again an expert tip for those who didn’t use the dryer sheet prior to wearing the garment.
The next tip is one of the most easiest to do, if you have a few minutes before you leave home. Dip your hands in a small mug of water or grab a few droplets from the water faucet. Once you have moist hands, run your hands all across your garment and especially where you feel it is most clingy. This instant moisture revival will get rid of all the static electricity pockets on your garment. This is easy and a cheap way to get the best solution to get rid of all that annoying static.
The last tip to get rid of static is by using hair spray and as weird as it sounds, it helps like magic. If your obvious question is why hairspray, it is specially formulated for women to combat static in their hair. Hairspray also has some additives that help reducing the static cling you want to get rid of. Stand a few feet away while you spray the solution onto your clothes and try wearing them immediately after you do so.

Those were some expert tips on getting rid of the static on your clothes and if you enjoyed reading this blog, please do share it and like it.

Lots of Love,

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