Hi Everyone,

These are some of the best monochrome looks for 2021, right from pastel mono’s to bright and bold shades. Take a look at this super quick video to capture some of the best looks for 2021. The easiest ways to work with a monochrome look is to work with your existing wardrobe and add in similar shades to create that perfect monochrome look.


Monochrome’s are one of the easier ways to style yourself up, it requires not much effort to put together this look. Stick to one color and try working with tones of the same shade to get the most ideal look. In the video I have chosen unique colors like teal blue, orange, yellow, browns, whites, baby blues, purple and a bright fuchsia.

Here are some basic tips to work with a good monochrome look:

Try to buy one color and a few tones, it will still bring about an ideal monochrome look. Brown is one of the most exciting shades because of the nice range from apricot, to beige and browns. Grey’s are also a great color to explore.

Work with existing clothes and start creating monochrome looks with the most basic blouses and pants. Black and white are a few shades that most of you might own in your wardrobe. Starting with those looks can be an easy way to experiment when you want to get started.

Let me know in the comments section below which monochrome look which is your favorite!

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Road Dress Travelled x