Hey Guys,

I have made an exclusive video for all my readers on the blog, sharing my experiences from 2020, and interesting plans I have for the coming year. I decided to post this video here instead of my instagram handle the @roaddresstravelled, since it is relatively new. This year has been fantastic for the road dress travelled and you should find out more from this video…

If you took the time to watch this video, I thank you with all my heart and send you a lot of love. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to share my thoughts unfiltered with you. My blog has been all about inspiring you all every single day to live, explore and enjoy an interesting life. This blog’s focus has always been focused on travel, fashion and beauty and I hope to create interesting content.

Wishing you all a very safe and Happy New Year, with all your loved ones!

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x