The pandemic has forced all of us to wear masks in public places and this means wearing it for many hours together. You could argue not wearing lipstick is one of the way’s out, but not the best if you want to take it off momentarily. Living with this pandemic over time, has become more of a lifestyle. I have had many days where I have needed to wash my masks repeadtly, and it was frustrating. And that is exactly why, if a solution for having perfect lips exists, let’s choose that!

Here are some liquid matte lipsticks for everyday use and say goodbye to smudged lipstick over the mask.

PRO: Liquid Lip is the perfect choice for liquid lipstick if you are looking for a huge variety with color options

PRO: Liquid Lip Matte, is the perfect choice for liquid lipstick if you are looking for great quality and good size of a bottle.

PRO: As the name suggests, melted matte really melts on your lips. If you want something that lasts on your lips all day long, try this!

PRO: Stila’s stay all day is one of those classics that you need to own if you want to have a good collection of liquid matte lipsticks

PRO: Liquid Lip Maestro is a perfect hydrating matte liquid lipstick that delivers intense, velvety lip color and a creamy texture for lips. It is an absolute luxury to wear this one!

PRO: Affordable and huge variety of lipsticks, these are go-to lipsticks. The amount of shades and types available are endless.

PRO: This is a reasonably priced lipstick, which is the best choice for a juicy liquid matte texture.

PRO: I tried this one out last month and I have to say the texture of this lipstick is effortless, swift and smooth. After applying the lipstick, it takes a few seconds to set and looks absolutely wonderful!

PRO: The perfect lipstick for a day out, with a long lasting lipstick. The quantity of the lipstick is not too much, so sometimes ordering 2 different shades can be better.

PRO: This is a perfect matte lipstick for the perfect quantity and also available in so many colors.

Lots of Love,

Road Dress Travelled x