Hi guys,
Celebrating the success of the Road Dress Travelled is an important part in the growth of the blog. One of the milestones I want to celebrate is +6000 views in the matter of nine months. This has got me elated and to celebrate this, I decided to collaborate with a number of woman out there. I had set out to collaborate with my closest friends and family which was about 20 to 30 people. To my surprise I had over 120+ photos of the white shirt challenge. Since I had not planned it this way, I thought of just taking the photos and posting it on a collage format on to my blog. But with 120 photos this became rather complicated, so I decided to come up with the idea of of a mosaic. 

The mosaic would be a beautiful creation of all the photos that I received together. But then came the next question which was: what photograph to use as the master photo. I thought of a woman being a perfect representation of what audience my blog serves. White stands for purity and innocence and is a perfect representation of a woman.

Above all, I am really happy with the way my blog has been making progress over the last year. I have never envisioned myself to be a blogger or the one to be creating content about my travel experiences or style curation advice. But like any other life, mine had its own ways of unravelling itself to me and I couldn’t be more happier with the success of my blog. Being very open to my audience has also been a key factor in the way I run my blog.

Collaborations with other brands is something that I have got myself into as yet, since I don’t want to be known as an influencer, I want to be known as a blogger. Blogging for me is all about sharing authentic information, things that excite you, and content that is valuable. I never wanted to make money my priority when it came to writing a blog, it was and always will be more about the information that I share with my readers. 2021 will definitely be a start of the Road Dress Travelled collaborating with many other brands, however even if so my focus for the blog will be driven by the value addition over any other aspect.

I want to take a moment to thank all the women who have supported the White Shirt Challenge, and generously offered such kind comments that I never set out for. One of the biggest learnings for me through this challenge is that often in businesses when you set out to create a project, the closest people to you know as the ones you rely on the most but the ones that may help you the least. In many ways I am glad to have known this much before I started my business in the world of fashion, because any learning from my blog could always help me in the future. I am glad to have created a new family virtually who support my blog with all their hearts.

In many ways like how a single drop can make an ocean, single photo might seem rather small or irrelevant, but together it has power. Since my blog has always been focused on women’s fashion, beauty, travel honoring women in the smallest of ways is still a milestone in its own way. I also think is so important to support and respect the people who help you grow and I have always been that way even with my personal connections. So I am really grateful for those who have stood up for me in the simplest smallest but also the strongest way. I thought about the idea of the white shirt challenge at a lounge in Newark Airport, and I never thought that it could be this massive. I want to thank Malini Agarwal’s Girl Tribe on Facebook that has helped me create a family of women online.

I have a lot of plans for the rest travels in the coming years, and I want to use the time that I have planning a lot of more exciting things. Whether it is friendly collaborations, branding collaborations, I want my blog to be a source of honest and bountiful reviews. Woman supporting woman Should be the way we must uplift each other, rather than bring each other down. Just like how there is so much support for educating the girl child, or supporting local businesses, this is another such trend that I hoped to make a difference with.

Celebrating 6000 views is honestly something that I never expected in such a short period of time. Thinking that my blog could achieve this thought of success without any sort of marketing, makes me believe that anything is possible. All the content that I have right on to my blog has been from my heart, and I make it a point to write each one of them personally and sharing the most interesting and beautiful photos from any experiences that I am living. After all, If my blog cannot inspire you to live in interesting, fun filled life then it hasn’t fulfilled its purpose. And I would love to continue doing the same for years to come.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog with me sharing my most heartfelt feelings about my journey which are unfiltered and honest. It would mean a lot if you share this with your friends and family and they can support this journey as well and be a part of something much bigger.

Lots of love

Road Dress Travelled