Packing can be quite a painful process for some people, but the more you do it, the more easier and enjoyable it is. Packing like many other activities, is all about planning and many people might find that taxing. I have learned to make packing enjoyable over time by repeadtly packing. The best way to go about is structuring the packing for your trip in the way you find the easiest: but by writing it. A checklist helps you get more organized, saves a lot of time and reassures you that you do have everything inside without second thoughts before leaving home.

Today, I am going to share some tips that I use in my packing process and can help you pack your suitcase in lesser than 20 minutes. I am going to share:

  • The Packing Checklist: What, Why and How?
  • How do I carry more clothes and still keep my bag light?
  • Managing space inside the suitcase?

So WHAT is a checklist? Packing using a checklist has so many benefits starting from being organized, motivated and saves SO MUCH TIME. A checklist is a list of items you need to verify, check or inspect. It may cross your mind as you think WHY should I spend so much time and jot down everything you need to pack for a trip. However, this time is far lesser than the amount of time wasted just standing in front of your wardrobe wondering what you packed and if you packed everything.

To make this whole process easier, you could pack your suitcase without a checklist on your next trip and look into your suitcase and list down what you usually take with you on a travel. The next time you pack, use that checklist to load your suitcase and you will magically see how much time you save. It is transformative in terms of getting organized!

I am sharing an example of HOW you can use a checklist, and you can use a notebook or do it on your smartphone. You can curate the checklist you want to your liking using apps like Evernote or Iphone notes as well as Canva.

Not the easiest task for a women who loves to dress, but also not impossible with a few steps. These are some quick tips to do it

A very innovative way to wear clothes is to wear them differently or at least try to. An example of this can be a kaftan that you usually wear as a dress, can be worn over jeans, can be worn with a denim jacket, can be worn with a belt and folded or tied as a blouse. Reusing your clothes creatively, means carrying lesser. So try to carry clothes that are easy to reuse.

One of the strategies I use while packing is to choose whether I want to carry many clothes that are light or a few heavy one’s. It all depends on where you are traveling to and the purpose of the trip, but in principle try to segregate clothes in this manner. This can make the whole process of packing an enjoyable and light experience without paying for excess baggage. Also consider if you would shop at your final destination and plan for that extra weight.

Carrying 3 pants and 10 blouses is a better way to pack over carrying the equal amount of clothes. It is easier to use jeans a couple of times before washing them over blouses that get more sweaty and need a wash every time you use it. Plan this creatively!

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Packing cubes are the key to saving space inside the suitcase and keeping things organized. By keeping blouses, pants, undergarments and accessories separated it is way easier to figure out the exact locations in the bag. With steaming the clothes, it flattens out way more and can be much more organized. This is the best way you can keep your suitcase very neat and clean. Investing in a kit that comes with multiple sizes is one of the best ways it can be handled. Rolling your clothes is another space saving way, but it might not always be possible given how some clothes are more sensitive to crumpling.