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I thought of writing a blog on my travel makeup kit since I am going to be moving all over India over the next month. When it comes to travel makeup kits, one of the most crucial elements is keeping it light. It’s not so easy to carry all the makeup you need from a daily basis to a party in a small kit, and that is why I have adopted smaller sizes of the same makeup. My personal style is to keep it simple on a daily basis, so I have adopted easier ways to get good results with makeup.

First things first, investing in a good travel makeup kit is an essential step to keep things light and organized. Travel pouches can be used to keep squeezable shampoo-conditioner tubes and so on. But, when it comes to makeup, opt for a customized makeup kit. Even though I prefer a soft case makeup kit since it can be mended and more flexible in form, there are really beautiful hard-case makeup kits as well.

Getting Started!

Opening up my travel kit, I have three major sections and I am going to write about what products I use and give you an honest opinion about them.

I use the Two Faced concealer and the shades that match my tone are warm sand and cookie. I love this concealer since it works as good as a foundation and yet not too thick. The exfoliation for me is the first step with my skincare routine, so I make sure to carry it all around with me. The serums from Glossier are extremely great for my skin, however make sure to read about how it works with your skin before you make a purchase. I have grown to love glossier as a brand because of the amazing serums they make. The oil serum they have is my favorite product for the perfect glow. Try them out with the link below:

This section is much more elaborate than the previous, but it has got the major chunk of my makeup. The NARS liquid lip matte lipstick is one of the best lipsticks I have ever used because of how long lasting it is. The Bobbi Brown liquid lipstick is also one of my personal favorites as I love the shade I use called In a Jam. The eyeshadow palette I use from Bobbi Brown has more brown, golden and neutral shades, however it does not have a solid black. Sometimes, I may have to do a smokey eye and need a good black for that, so I got this one from Sephora’s collection.

The nail paints are another favorite because of how portable they are for traveling. The lashes, I never really use them as much, but after my wedding makeup challenges I learned and decided to always travel with makeup that is good enough for professional standards. Go check out my blog : Confessions of a Bride to know more about my wedding makeup.

This section is the last in my travel makeup kit, and it has brushes and lashes that form the majority. I keep it simple with my brushes, and try to travel with minimal and just use makeup wipes to get them cleaned if needed. The eyebrow epilator is an absolute investment for any woman because of how pain less and effortless the brows can look in seconds. Amazon is a good place to find them. The KUSH mascara is another product I would like to write about, the most honest review is it is an absolutely amazing mascara. It is the best one I have used in a long long time and I would recommend this to anyone looking to use volumizing mascara without using lashes. I love the sponges from Sephora as they came in a set of 4 for different areas of the face.

And that is all for now, These were are my most recommended products this year! STAY TUNED WITH THE ROAD DRESS TRAVELLED FOR MORE MAKEUP REVIEWS…

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