Get to know all about my wedding!

A wedding is one of the most anticipated events in someone’s life, mine was just the same. As I may have mentioned in so many of my blogs about how I am as a person, and that love has always been the epicenter of my life. My journey of falling in love, choosing a destination for my wedding and choosing my bridal trousseau has been an exciting experience.

Being an astrologer, I was able to plan an exact wedding date to get married. Getting married in Rajasthan was always something I had in mind for a very long time. So, I then begun scouting for locations to get married in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. Me and David then planned on making a trip to Rajasthan to go explore these destinations. Every day was a pleasant experience and some of the properties we had a chance to visit were Suryagarh, Jai Mahal Palace, Udai Vilas, City Palace, Jagmandir Palace, and Leela Palace. There were a couple of more properties that we took the time to visit as well which were not as accessible as the rest.

When we came down to Suryagarh in Jaisalmer, I mean it when I write this: I was so much in love with it. I was in love with these photos much before I even visited. Deep down, out of all the places we were planning to visit, I was silently wishing this was the one.

And my dream came true!

It all worked out in the right way, with regards to dates, venues, timings, catering and so on. There are just so many things to plan when you want a good wedding. One thing that I believe was different in my case than most Indian families is that me and my husband made all the decisions. Usually, it’s the Indian parents that decide all the elements to the wedding. Fortunately I am blessed to have wonderful parents who gave us the freedom to make our own choices.

With the wedding planning, I took charge of most of the tasks and sometimes days were jam packed. We had to make a couple of trips down to Suryagarh to decide on menus and venue decorations, meet with the planners, and also discuss logistics. The people who attended my wedding very well know what a challenge it was with getting to the venue on an off season. Flights would get cancelled last minute, and we would get phone calls at odd hours trying to find alternative routes. However, we were extremely fortunate to work with a great event management team that cut down a lot of that stress.

One of the main advantages for me being the younger sibling in my family is that I was able to learn from most things my elder sister experienced. One of the most important things for me while planning my wedding was that I wanted my parents to be absolutely stress free and enjoy the moment. Indian weddings, especially south Indian, can be quite taxing and elaborate. I just worked a lot more than usual people would to make that easy for them and I was happy it worked out that way. It also made us as a couple enjoy the religious side of our marriage and,

Bring a smile to our faces the whole time!

My bridal trousseau, which most women would be quite interested to know about, was a Sabyasachi. Now, the name says it all, I need not explain why I chose that designer out of all. Sabyasachi was a dream for me, and the one I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with made all my dreams come true. I wanted to go with red for the main day, simply because red is the color for auspiciousness.

Nothing comes close to that beautiful, bold red on a bridal day for an Indian woman.

I had to go in for my multiple fittings, and also went through the losing weight before the wedding drama. When I visited the Sabyasachi flagship, I tried my outfit on for the first time here!!

For my Sangeeth, it was all about wearing shades that were bright and gold was one of my most immediate choices. Yellow and pink did so well as a combination but trying to get David to wear pink was close to impossible. I loved this outfit because it was full of that shine, it was flowy and above all I think it suited me.

This was one of the more simpler outfits I chose for my Mehendi. It was an intimate gathering with just family for my bridal mehendi. I did this 2 days before the start of the events to be hands-free in a literal sense. I loved the pastel, green color of this sharara.

This one is one of my most favorite pictures from my Mehendi, it was a beautiful lehenga with embroidery from top to bottom. I remember just looking at it and wanting it so freaking bad. It has a very unique style and design and the colors worked extremely well for this kind of event.

Along with talking about my outfits, one of the key aspects of any wedding is decoration!

This was one of the most exciting and fun part of the wedding for me. Starting off with my event planner, I used to prepare mood boards about the kind of setting me and David were looking for. So, I decided to add some pure venue focused photos onto this blog!

I really worked hard to get the combination of pink and orange for the dewans laid all along the steps of the bawdi. The event planners got me this color all the way from Jaipur. But in the end, I simply loved how it was all looking together in some way blending in with the sandstone of Suryagarh Palace!

The Mehendi was all about ease, breeziness and enjoying the free flow of colors. The umbrellas formed a kind of walkway to the event and it had flowers winding all along. The music was lively, and being the sweet tooth I am, you can imagine the exquisite dessert section for hi-tea.

The photographers did an excellent job at capturing these specific details!

The Reception was all about the dim lights, and creating that ambience of a romantic night under the desert sky. We had at least 100000 little lights spread all over a descending open sky pavilion. Having the fairy lights spread all across the top was a beautiful enclosure still somewhat open to sky.

Lastly, I think the whole palace being ours for a few days, the entire place decorated was a sight by itself. Here are some other brilliant images of this property!

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x