Leave all your shopping burdens behind, and have me exclusively do your online shopping. An affordable, easy, shopping service for you to look your best for less!

This is a step by step guide on how the Online Personal Shopping works:

-Please read the terms and conditions section before you book your body consultation service. Once you do, go ahead and fill in the form and book your service with our secure payment portals located on this page

-We will need you to fill basic information such as name, age, email address etc. before accessing the payment portal.  All the information provided is kept strictly confidential.

-You will receive an email with information regarding how to get started, and what documents I will require from you.

-After you have a chance to review the email, we will have our first telephonic/ video call discussing it in a more brief manner for 30 minutes. This is a good time to ask any questions you have regarding the process of online personal shopping.

– After I receive the documents I need, I will then prepare the my documents based on your personal needs. I then begin finding lovely clothes for you online, and I will be suggesting 4 outfits for each choice, i.e if you are looking for a pair of jeans, I will be giving you 4 options. This would mean, if you want to shop for 5 dresses, you will be getting 20 options to choose from.

-Once I finish finding you the best, I will send you an email with all the free services attached. We can schedule a call that same day for 30 minutes, discussing everything that I have provided onto the cart. If there are any additions, I will be sending you a revised report within 24-48 hours from the call.

An online shopping cart of a website/websites loaded with clothes of your choice and comfort. You set the budget, and I help you buy clothes that you feel comfortable in.

FREE and exclusive Look Book for the clients of body canvas with high resolution images of upcoming and current trends you must own in your wardrobe.

FREE video sharing style tips on how you can dress elegantly for any occasion in the future.

FREE style tips every week via email.

FREE first copy of my book when available

What are you waiting for?

-Pricing works on an hourly basis for online personal shopping, with a minimum time of 1 hour. An hour is sufficient to choose 8 options for 2 garments. The charges per hour are:


Terms and conditions apply


If you want to save time, choose stylish clothes, or have some assistance with shopping online, this is the perfect choice for you. Online shopping can be challenging, when you are trying to figure out your size, the right colour or the right garment. So, drop all your shopping burden in my hands, and have me do it for you in the most affordable prices

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