This is a step by step guide on how the service works:

– Please read the terms and conditions section before you book your image and body consultation service. All the information you provide is kept strictly confidential.

-After making a secure payment, you will receive an email with information regarding how to get started, and what documents I will require from you.

-After you have a chance to review the email, we will have our first telephonic/ video call discussing it in a more brief manner for 30 minutes. This is a good time to ask any questions you have regarding the process of virtual styling.

– I will then prepare the your image and body consultation report. This report is going to be a comprehensive analysis of what body shape is, how to choose tops, pants, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits and much more. The report will be customized as per your specific details and requirements.

-I will email you the image and body consultation report and then we schedule a call that same day for 30 minutes, discussing everything that I have provided onto the email. If there are any additions, I will be sending you a revised report within 24-48 hours from the call.

-A personalized and comprehensive body analysis report describing how you must dress based on your body type. There are graphic representations showing you what you may be doing wrong with your dressing and how to change this for the better. The reports cover most kinds of clothing all around the world.

-A FREE and exclusive Look Book for the clients of body canvas with high resolution images of trends, and looks you must own in your wardrobe. This book is updated time to time with the most trending looks to own!

– A FREE video sharing style tips on how you can dress elegantly for any occasion in the future. This video is great to look at from time to time to remember the principles of styling

-A FREE color analysis report, helping you choose the right colors to wear each season

FREE weekly style tips from the Road Dress Travelled, to stay tuned with all style updates!

-FREE first copy of my book when available!

What are you waiting for?

-The charges for a personalized body consultation report is

70 USD

-Terms and conditions apply


If you want to change, improve or transform the way you dress, the first step is to understand your image and body. Once we know this, it gets easier to make choices, stay up to date with trends and enjoy the world of fashion. After all, this is what you need to improve your confidence!

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