25 Things you don’t know about me?

The focus for the Road Dress Travelled is Fashion,Beauty and Travel but this time I decided to write about something different. I chose to do this to keep the blog fun and interesting and it may give you all to learn something about me. 

I am going to keep the 25 things about me short but super interesting! So, here we go!

I don’t drink coffee: I have probably tried coffee 4 times my whole life and breaking news, I have hated it all four times. I have a hard time drinking hot liquids, i enjoy those cold, icy drinks instead!

I don’t read books: I have never been into reading books since a very young age. I have tried multiple times to try to read, but I just cannot keep up with it. Because it is such a great habit to have, I started using an app called #Blinkist to listen to audio books instead. I’ve always been creative and learned way faster with audio-visual.

I practice yoga: It is one of the newer additions to my life, and it has made a massive difference in the way my body is able to stretch and move quickly.

I don’t drink alcohol:I have never been a social drinker and have never found any happiness in doing it despite others around me drinking.

I have an incurable sweet tooth: It has got to be an understatement to say that I obsessively love chocolate. My favorite chocolate is Hersheys Cookies and Cream and I often feel like I am the reason the company is still running. I love my white and milk chocolate.

My husband is the best person I know: I rely on my husband for emotional support and daily doses of love. I learn so much from him, and I hope to be as successful as he is as a human being.

I’m picky about certain foods: I’ve never liked tomato, mushrooms, yoghurt, nuts. More than that, I hate mixing nuts with ice cream and tomatoes inside a burger! Big NO for me.

I speak 4 languages and now on my 5th language: I speak English, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi and now I am learning Spanish with all the influence from my Spanish husband. I understand about 70% at this point, speaking is still difficult but I’m getting there.

I plan my day on a planner every single day: I do not start my day without taking a diary/ Mobiscribe and writing down my plan for the day and what I need to do. I love ticking off items when I complete my tasks.

My Profession: I am an Architect, Vedic astrologer, Blogger, Artist and I am working on launching my business in fashion. I started Vedic astrology at a very young age of 20 and I have learned all the astrology on my own, books, and online sources. My aunt being an astrologer was the first person to introduce me to it and a couple of years down the line I launched my website:

Moving on,

I studied architecture from Pune in India and spent 5 years doing it and had so many months of sleepless nights in my experience portfolio. For me, design has been the core of my profession, whether I design clothes, homes, or this blog. I have ultimately always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I am glad to be on that highway at the moment. And lastly, but not the least, I have been sketching since i was 3 years old, I consider it as a big gift. My mother was nice enough to save all my sketches where I have drawn plans of homes and sketches of dresses from when I was 5 or 6 years old.

I met my husband because of Deepika Padukone: I was a die hard Deepika fan and was always reading news about her all the time. I read about David for the first time on a newspaper article when he climbed Mt. Everest for her foundation. They had met multiple times before I met David. We made it a point to invite her for our wedding, because of her schedule she couldn’t make it, but sent us her kind wishes.

I’m very patient and always have known what I’ve wanted: Unlike most people I know, I think in a very determined manner. I always know what I want from life, what I want from health, relationships, career, personal projects. I am usually patient with most aspects of my life. Learning new things is super important to me, I am always trying to add new activities into my life.

Cleaning!: Cleaning my home and things around me is a seriously big hidden talent that not many would know. When I was younger I used to start cleaning the home the second I was alone at home. I start to become restless if I don’t keep things around me in order. My mother often used to tell me to “give the final touch” for the home when guests were coming over. I used to spend about an hour and pff! it would be sparkling by the end of it.

I am quite an emotional person

The few words that have always described me are emotional, dreamy, patient and creative. I could freely say relationships and love are the most important aspects of my life. However, at the same time I would say that I am not crying over everything, I am somewhere in between rationality and emotions. I have a soft corner for those suffering with any problems, the poor, orphans, and the disabled. I have cried so many hours about other people’s problems. Psychology is definitely one of my hidden talents because I am the friend waking up at 1am to advice a friend. My whole family relies on me to talk to them on a bad day and I do it with a whole heart as I know I make that difference.

My favorite color is mauve

I collect sand and souvenirs from all parts of the world: I have been collecting sand and souvenirs to nearly every place I traveled to since 2009 and I save them in a black trunk with lots of other memories I love to save.

So far I have had a chance to collect sand from about 20 countries, and the most special was this black sand from Tahiti. I have had plenty of ideas about what to do with this sand and I’m still working my mind.

I did my own wedding makeup: Oh yes!!!! This really happened, I wrote a blog about this on “Confessions of a Bride”. I had to do my own bridal makeup because of flight cancellations with my makeup artist.

My dimple is not from birth: Most people get dimples because it is genetic, in my case, it was an accident. When i was about 2 years old I hit my cheek onto a round glass table and that is what you see as my dimple now. I joke about how I should have probably hit the other side of my face too.

I loved barbie dolls: This was when I was as a little girl, and I probably still do love them. I took my nieces shopping recently and guess who was at the barbie doll section?

My nickname is Pratz: This one is easy, but a lot of people call me Pratz!

My biggest strength: I am super fast with time deadlines and I love working against time. When someone gives me a deadline of 3 hours, I a=m going to be in that 2 hour 50 minute mark. I have a hard time around slow people. When a task can be completed in 10 mins, I cannot stand wasting 4 hours on doing it.

I can type on my phone without having to look at my screen at all: As crazy as it sounds, people around me have tested this and made me type something down without looking at the screen!

I have a soft corner for babies and flowers: I have always loved them!

It’s easier for me to stay up late than wake up early: When I was studying architecture, I barely slept but if I do sleep- this is true.

Song Obsessions: If I hear a song i like, i will listen to it obsessively for about 100 times until i get bored of it!

So, these were the top 25 things that I can think of that are truly me. So there you have it…in all my glory…I’m sure I could go on…but I know this is a long enough list as it is. Truthfully, this doesn’t even scratch the surface, but it’s a start.

Lots of Love,

The Road Dress Travelled x